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Let me talk about Smart Programmer Converter Robot technology. With this smart converter, we convert the source of an application from the source programming language to the destination programming language of the user's choice. And in the future, after reviewing and analyzing programs written by humans, this smart converter will become an Smart programmer robot. Normally to do this you need to hire a team expert in the new programming language and a lot of coordination between the new team and the old team and eventually a program similar to the application in the new language may be created. While we do this with the smart converter in about one week and with full accuracy and very high speed and with a perfect similarity to the previous application . While this smart converter analyzes the program line by line and symbol by symbol, it can be modeled on a program written by humans and turn into a programmer converter robot.

In the future, the robot will be able to use programming thinking power by artificial intelligence and extended patterns, using human-programmed sources analysis training.

Acceptance Smart Programmer Converter Robot to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!







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A Thinking Robot in the Analysis – Review or Convert of programs written by humans using artificial intelligence

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