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Transformation steps:

1-The converter will convert on your source (within 10 to 20 minutes)

2- With this new source, a new exe file is created in Fox VFP9.

3- This new executable file is copied to the current directory path of the DOS program alongside the rest of the files.

4- After copying this file, you can run DOS as well as 32-bit 64-bit and new with full Windows features.

5- No other program like DOSPRINT, DOSBOX, etc., can be used with all the features of Windows, including printing on any printer. All the features of your DOS application, even the Other Language version, can be used in the same way.

6- Given that your information is still coded as DOS and your application runs under Windows, your system security is much higher than DOS..

7- At your request, the database will be changed from DBF to SQL to maximize the security of your information, and the biggest step in moving your application to the web.

Conversion Method

Home Conversion Method Side Tools Agreement Contact

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