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One of the most accurate converters in the world for converting tables to SQL

Although there are converters in the world market for converting tables, but with our method, we transfer information tables to SQL with very high accuracy and security at a higher level, along with all indexes. One of the problems with converters on the market is the accuracy of number transfer, which transmits decimal digits with little accuracy. By accurately correcting this method, we transfer the numbers to SQL exactly like the numbers in the source table.

Another hard work that our converter does is transfer table indexes, which include ordinary and composite indexes and indexes that use different functions.

Our converter is at the beginning of the path of development, although it has passed the test in different places, but it still has a way to complete and grow.

 DBF Repair

One of our developing programs is the application for repairing low-damaged and corrupted files in tables, which has passed its test in recovering damaged files. This program is ready to use, is being developed and completed.

DBF Repair

DBF-SQL Converter

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New Software Technology

That Will Blur the line between operating systems in the world operationally.One of the great advantages of this converter is the precise and advanced programming training, so that you have at the same time the instruction of two languages ​​for a line-by-line application, and this is the best professional training class for programmers. They want to learn a new programming language.