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Solutions 2023

How does a robot think?

Advancing Robotics Safety with Testing and Certification

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Surinder Singh June, 2012

How does the robot analyze?

This paper gives an overview about the basics related to robots and robot control methods

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Lauren Rouse 24 Oct, 2022

How does the robot check?

This Is How the ‘I’m Not a Robot’ Button Actually Works

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How does the robot give advice?

First, how do people respond to different help-giving strategies?

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GEAR 24 Sep, 2022

How does the robot review?

Roomy drum and large waste drawer. Useful app tracks weight and bathroom habits

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FutureLearn 05 Nov, 2021

How thinking robots create a big change

The future of robotics: How will robots change the world?

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Guv Callahan 05 Jan, 2021

The dangers of unchecked artificial intelligence

Potential Risks of Artificial Intelligence

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Mike Thomas 03 Aug, 2023

Damages of artificial intelligence

12 Risks and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Bernard Marr 19 Nov, 2018

The dangers of completely replacing artificial intelligence with them

Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous? 6 AI Risks Everyone Should Know About

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Jim W. Harper 27 July, 2023

Artificial intelligence aids

Confronting AIDS in Florida with artificial intelligence

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huge change in the software world , milestone in the programming world that blurs the boundaries between programming languages(Java , Python-PHP-C#, Etc ) And Operating Systems(DOS ,Android , Windows, iOS, Etc) In the near future, S.P.C.R will welcome to you entry into the world of programmer robots

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