Smart programmer converter robot (SPCR).

Thinking robot- This robot is a complex computer program that can be used in any science and specialty and can help humans to think to find a solution like an expert with data and training given in advance by artificial intelligence. And the proposal works in every science and specialty (medicine, mathematics, physics, space, psychology and all other sciences) and even helps people in meetings and think rooms.

It can be used as a very strong consultant in organizations and departments and very complex issues due to the extensive data and scientific and specialized training given to it.

After about 12 years, we were able to use it in the science of programming, although we are still at the beginning of the way and we have to develop it.

And now we are ready to use this robot and its training in other sciences by using the previous very valuable experience and develop it, that is, the development of a thinking robot in all human sciences.


Use Advantages

  • High Speed
  • No interruption in customers bussiness
  • Low advertisement cost
  • Low development cost
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  • High performance
  • High Accuracy
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A Thinking Robot in the Analysis – Review or Convert of programs written by humans using artificial intelligence

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